Why to Connect a 0800 Number

Incoming call number growth
Incoming call number growth

Free hotline will increase the number of incoming calls significantly

Brand trust
Brand trust

Single number 0800 for all departments of your company

More Opportunities
More Opportunities

Expanding customer geography, organizing call center operations

Marketing and Sales
Marketing and Sales

Simplified surveys and research, more successful deals


Catchy phone numbers work along with logos


Number 0800 is easily integrated into existing telephony

Maxnet provides next type of numbers: 0800-31-XXXX, having 10,000 combinations available. This is the perfect solution for the online shop, delivery service and any sales department.


If you are going to receive more than 5,000 min of calls per month, we will offer special conditions


Included in the tariff

400 Minutes

Subscription fee

200 UAH per month

1 min. of incoming call costs

0,47 UAH per month


Included in the tariff

1 100 Minutes

Subscription fee

500 UAH per month

1 min. of incoming call costs

0,43 UAH per month


Included in the tariff

5 000 Minutes

Subscription fee

2 000 UAH per month

1 min. of incoming call costs

0,40 UAH per month

Choose a Catchy Number

Or we will assign a phone number randomly selected from the standard pool

  • Standard
  • 0800-31-6137
  • 500 UAH 1 UAH
  • Example of a number

    More about special offer from our manager 0800 31 1133

  • Silver
  • 0800-31-0210
  • 3 000 UAH 1 500 UAH
  • Example of a number

    More about special offer from our manager 0800 31 1133

  • Gold
  • 0800-31-0031
  • 8 000 UAH 4 000 UAH
  • Example of a number

    More about special offer from our manager 0800 31 1133

  • Platinum
  • 0800-31-3333
  • 25 000 UAH
  • Example of a number

Why us?

Advantages of ordering service Number 0800 from Maxnet

Easy and Fast

You only need to sign a contract. Number 0800 will be connected in one day

Сompetitive Tariffs

Choose a tariff for your project or use individual conditions

No hidden fees

You pay only for the number and monthly used minutes


Easy connection from anywhere in Ukraine, no problems when moving

Free Scaling SIP lines

We provide 30 lines in the basic configuration, if necessary, we increase the number for free

Numbers as a gift

Customers who process a large flow of calls receive memorable numbers as a gift

How to receive calls?

Instead of buying additional equipment, you can use the available



With app installed and Internet access


Landline Phone

With preconfigured forwarding



With software installed and a headset connected


Supporting SIP Device

Receiving necessary settings

About Us

“Maxnet” provids a full range of telecommunication services to private and legal entities. Maxnet is a member of Ukrainian and foreign internet exchange points


We take part in the Internet Association of Ukraine, have membership of Kharkiv IT cluster and Kharkiv Chamber of Commerce & Industry. We also cooperate with well-known international companies and corporations.

Ukrainian enterprises, banks and universities trust us as well as thousands of Kharkovites


How to connect

Connection process step by step


Leave a phone number so we can contact you


We will clarify the details and select configurations together


Preparation and signing of documents

Setting Up

Connection work


Maintenance for done projects

Download a list of documents to connect

Frequently Asked Questions

What is interesting for our subscribers most

Non-tariff minutes are included in the monthly fee, regardless of telecom operators. If you exceed the limit of these minutes, the per-second tariffication turns on. The subscription cotains fixed price and the cost of overused minutes.

Payment must be made monthly upon the use of services. Until the 10th day of the month following the billing month, we calculate used minutes and make an invoice.

In any way convenient for you in electronic or paper form. Most often, our business subscribers choose Paperless and M.E.Doc.

Our specialists will integrate 0800 number in current telephony, setting up call forwarding. If you order IP-telephony from Maxnet, it will be easier to set up the line. Note that complex service will be cheaper.

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